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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weather charts via HF

WeFax, also known as Radiofax, HF FAX, radiofacsimile or weatherfax, is a method of transmitting weather charts via HF radio waves. This is likely no news for the avid sailor, but for us land rats, it may still be new. Those of us Amateur Radio operators, who enjoy Rapidly Deployable Amateur Radio (RaDAR), may find this of special interest. Consider being disconnected from normal news channels to inform you about the weather, well - this may just be it for you. 

Weather charts from across the world are being transmitted daily and they do not only cover the high seas. What made it special for me today was that I downloaded an app on my iPad from the Apple store, called HF Fax. I then held the iPad close to the loudspeaker of my transceiver and there came the weather chart! Great fun :)

Below is an example.

73 de Marcus NX5MK

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