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Friday, January 3, 2014

Radishworks MissionManager, a tool for EmComm nets

The Radishworks MissionManager is worth more than just one look, I believe it deserves detailed attention by all Amateur Radio Emergency Communication, EmComm, Auxilliary Radio Communications, ARES, RACES, MARS, net managers, NCS personnel and radio net members.

Quote: "The ultimate mission and personnel situational awareness tool... Written by people who have years of experience running real missions and managing emergency personnel... Used for - Hurricane Sandy, 2013 Floods in CO and NM, 2013 US Tornados, 2013 Wildfires in CA and other states, Philippines Response, and more..."

I played with it tonight while watching a movie, it has an intuitive GUI, it is customizable for radio communication nets, giving the possibility to not only document traffic, check ins, personnel roster and other resources. No, it also allows for automated team activation via SMS or emails for example. There is your telephone tree taken care of, neat! Want to have a map showing location of all net members? It has that as well. I looked at net reports from various nets and it seems MissionManager really has something to offer.

I am now in the process of customizing it for the AHDNN Net, so that it may handle Net activation reports.

73 de Marcus NX5MK

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